Your Elusive Creative Genius

'Genius' is a word often used to describe others, but rarely attached to oneself.

The humility of our worth stems from a lifetime of self-doubt and living in the confines of our own skin.

We struggle to look at ourselves objectively for fear of what we might discover, both physically and in our personality.

Occasionally, we may jest that we are a genius, but that is all it ever is in our eyes: a joke.

How can we rise above our conditioning and circumstance, to become a genius in our chosen field? The odds would favour a lottery win more.

Those that pursue a creative venture do so without ever thinking their peers might one day refer to them as a genius. Rather, they believe they will be admired at a lower notch, one that is enough to allow them to sustain a career doing what they love.

Yet what if genius was not an aspiration, but a presence that fleetingly projected itself through us during our creative moments?

In this TED talk Elizabeth Gilbert, the best-selling author of 'Eat, Pray, Loveexplores this notion using examples from past and present.

TED Talk with Author Elizabeth Gilbert

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