The Power of Introverts

Writing is a lonely profession. It requires a great deal of time alone, often in a secluded environment, to write and rewrite until the writer draws their last breath.

Those who were outgoing through college or their working life, gradually retreat into themselves in order to commit the necessary hours to achieve success. Social skills that used to be so tuned and admirable are now rusty and laboured.

Even the extroverts become a little introverted due to their dedication to the craft of writing.

Some of course, are born introverted. They have spent their formative years watching from a distance. Observing the world and behavioral patterns of those they come into contact with. As a result, writing about them becomes a natural progression. Their astuteness to the motives of people is something they frequently commit to paper in successive manuscripts.

If an individual is naturally an introvert, or becomes more of one due to a writing career, society looks in exactly the same way.

Many media platforms will describe all writers as introverted. As if it is a disadvantage. Or a disability. Something that prevents them from interacting with the very society that criticizes them.

Society is misjudged. Introverts have created some of the greatest works of literature in history, not to mention countless advancements in science and technology.

Introverts are not freaks. Their contribution to the human race continues to make them some of the most powerful individuals in our society.

TED Talk with Author Susan Cain

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