The Mystery of Storytelling

Stories are written across the world by writers hoping to find an audience for the words they write in their own unique voice.

The media platform they choose to express this voice will silence them if they do not understand the basics of story. Not so much rules, but tricks of the trade. Elements that enrich stories and propel them into a global market.

These elements are applied to books, films, theatre, and television. They help writers create stories that linger long after they have finished. Identifying these key facets of storytelling is a critical starting point for every writer.

Without this foundation of techniques, a writer's work will be rejected by those with the power to open the gates to their career.

Agents, publishers, and producers, know their industry inside out. The very least they expect of new clients is an understanding and demonstration of the fundamental aspects of storytelling.

As a literary agent, publisher, and executive producer, Julian Friedmann has developed the careers of writers for over four decades. He also designed and set up the world’s first MA in Television Scriptwriting.

Along with his many appearances on the juries of international festivals and award committees, Julian has also been a guest lecturer at various media schools and events throughout Europe.

During one such talk, for TEDx, he shed light on the techniques of storytelling to remove some of the mystery for writers.

TEDx Talk with Literary Agent Julian Friedmann

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