The Disappointed Book

A book's journey is all about rejection.

During the writing process, a writer will reject numerous passages and drafts in favour of a completed draft for submission.

If a writer is successful in their query, chances are a literary agent or publisher will reject their book title and change it to something more marketable.

Once the book is the hands of the publishing house, the book cover designer will see various cover designs rejected before everyone agrees on the final version.

The publicity campaign will also suffer countless rejected ideas for promoting the book prior to formulating a strategy of release.

When the book is finally released, some readers will reject it on the grounds of genre.

Those that do buy the book may place it on their bookshelf as part of their reading list. But as time passes, the book is rejected for recent releases. Even if they do read the book, it will be returned to the bookshelf and never re-read.

However, the worst kind of rejection the book will ever face is never being read at all, and merely discarded and thrown out. A book that started its journey with such purpose and promise will have ended its journey in disappointment.

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