The Clues to a Great Story

Andrew Stanton joined Pixar in 1990, becoming only the second animator on the nine person team.

He was heavily involved in developing their ground-breaking feature film Toy Story and later received an Oscar nomination for his work.

He immediately began work on their next film as writer/director A Bug's Life which also became a worldwide box office hit.

But it was the release of Finding Nemo in 2003, that saw Andrew Stanton's name reach a global audience on his own.

As writer/director of what many regard as one of Pixar's finest films, Stanton won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

With the release of WALL-E in 2008, Andrew Stanton further enhanced his reputation as one of the prominent storytellers of his generation.

In this TED talk, Stanton shares what he has learnt during his career and sheds insight for future storytellers working in any medium.

TED Talk with Pixar's Andrew Stanton

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