The Benefits of Failure

Failure is not a rare condition that only impacts the lives of a select few. It is wide-reaching and encompasses every citizen of the Earth.

No one has ever lived free from failure. No one has escaped its pain or its indiscriminate ability to harm.

The industry in which the individual chooses to work in, might bring them in contact with waves of failure on a weekly basis.

Those in medical research fail every day. But every day that they do, they get closer to finding the answer.

Similarly, athletes consider themselves failures when they lose. They compete to win. The fear of failure is what drives them to win in the first place.

Writers also fear failure. The extensive work required to become an author can seem wasteful if it leads to years of rejection. Without confidence, the writing itself suffers. Failure has seeped into their fingers.

However, every successful person alive has experienced the very same fear. They are not successful because they have avoided fear. They are successful because they have overcome it. Through perseverance they have found a way to endure. They have found a way for failure to make them stronger.

J.K. Rowling Speech at Harvard University

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