Stories of Rejection

  • Karen Hoffman

    Karen Hoffman

    It only took three sentences to reject my work

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  • Judith Baker

    Judith Baker

    It's difficult to be subjective with your own work

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  • Joanne Walker Hatherly

    Joanne Walker Hatherly

    The denunciation had burned close to the bone

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  • Danielle Dreger

    Danielle Dreger

    Sending things long before they were ready

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  • Heloïse Burland

    Heloïse Burland

    Know what to say to get the agent's attention

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  • Daniella Gibb

    Daniella Gibb

    Used to a clear reason for my rejection in acting

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  • Kathy Sloan

    Kathy Sloan

    My sadness subsided and I began to feel reassured

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  • Lyndsay Wheble

    Lyndsay Wheble

    Most personal pieces lead to the most personal rejections

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  • Jessica Patient

    Jessica Patient

    The best thing to do is to absorb those comments

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