Stories of Rejection

  • Warren Adler

    Warren Adler

    You will require a draconian ruthlessness

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  • Nicole Delacroix

    Nicole Delacroix

    Failed to communicate what my manuscript was about

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  • Andile C. Shabangu

    Andile C. Shabangu

    Drawn to the carcass, the rejections kept coming

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  • Eric Thomas

    Eric Thomas

    The rejection was the best thing I’d ever seen

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  • Victoria Fedden

    Victoria Fedden

    I was actually grateful for her rejection letter

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  • Kate Foster

    Kate Foster

    An email arrived that still haunts me now

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  • Verity Holloway

    Verity Holloway

    Appreciate the knowledge you’ve acquired

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  • Les Zig

    Les Zig

    Brace yourself, years of rejections can callous you

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  • Morgan York

    Morgan York

    It is okay to disagree with the agent sometimes

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