Sensory Fiction

The evolution of the reading experience has accelerated over recent years at rates not seen before during the history of publishing.

There are now so many ways for readers to access books and even bookmark their current page across a variety of electronic devices that there is no longer a viable excuse not to finish a book.

This rapid rise in digital publishing has also seen interactive books released specifically for tablets with a range of touchscreen videos.

Researchers at MIT have now taken this interactivity a step further with their creation of a wearable book.

Through an electronic vest equipped with actuators and sensors, the vest will tighten or vibrate for the emotions of fear or excitement respectively, so that readers are able to become one with the book of their choice.

Connected to the vest with a cable, the book has 150 embedded LED lights in the cover, so that the sensors can create contrasting lighting depending on the tone of each page.

Although only a prototype at this stage, we could very well see the future of fiction being a truly sensory experience.

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