Rejection: Live

The words of rejection can cut the deepest of wounds.

This can be especially true if the words are in black and white to dent a publishing dream.

The writers sensitive to criticism can gaze at the rejection letter for longer than was ever intended by the literary agent that sent it. That of course is the part that hurts the most: that an agent took the time to send the rejection to hammer home to the writer that they have been rejected.

When the letter is vague, the writer will read between the lines and hang on every word of the rejection. What exactly did the agent mean by 'some parts' were particularly bad?

The pain of a writing rejection is far less if the writer feels they have received a specific indication of which parts they need to fix. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of literary agents, time restraints prevents editorial notes being a feature of a rejection.   

However, one literary agent has explored this need for constructive feedback by rejecting his slush pile live by video.

Literary Agent Piers Blofeld

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