• Best-Sellers Initially Rejected

    Best-Sellers Initially Rejected

    Rejection is an imperative test of one’s character Some writers continually submit the same manuscript until it is accepted. Others…

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  • Pam Victorio

    Pam Victorio

    Literary agent at the D4EO Literary Agency

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  • Paladin – The Novice

    Paladin – The Novice

    The PALADIN is a series of contemporary speculative fantasy stories set in the present day which provides an insight into…

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  • 2016 Short Story Prize Winner

    2016 Short Story Prize Winner

    The Manuscript by Laura Heffernan I squared my shoulders and closed the apartment door behind me. My roommate touched my…

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  • Word Count

    Word Count

    Genre Guidelines and 10 Debut Rule Breakers

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  • Genres


    Genre and Sub-Genre Definitions in Fiction

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  • #LitRejectionsFollow


    The Reasons for Our Friday Twitter Hashtag

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  • Query Letters

    Query Letters

    How to Write the Three Paragraph Query

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  • Agents Roundtable

    Agents Roundtable

    6 Agents Discuss the Publishing Industry

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