Our twitter account is an extension of the support and advice we strive to bring to creatives across the world.

From its early days it has always looked to encourage creatives to persevere.

During this daily feed of tweets we would often stop to read the tweets of those we follow. We noticed how some creatives with very few followers were tweeting observations and blog posts that deserved a wider recognition.

There were also those with a larger audience of followers who also caught our eye.

So after a few weeks of our twitter feed being live we announced our new hashtag. One that we believed would help bring more eyes to the words of those we follow.

It has proved to be an extremely popular hashtag with our followers and has helped highlight the vast pool of creative talent following our twitter account.

However, choosing just one creative individual gets harder every week with our increasing number of followers.

During some weeks we have attracted over two hundred new followers.

Furthermore, we have never used twitter software to auto-follow new followers based on keywords that they tweet. The choice has always been human. Our hashtag is further evidence of this. The culmination of a week spent reading the tweets and blog posts of our followers, as we choose just one for a special mention.

This means that those not being followed can also receive a special mention.

We regularly scroll through those not being followed to read their tweets and blog posts.

This process can take some time and can see someone followed several weeks or even in some instances a few months after they first started following the account.

Prior to Friday we always announce the hashtag to our new followers and remind those currently following, via a tweet.

The special mention pays no attention to the following count or credits that a creative may or may not have. An unknown talent with very few followers stands just as much chance as an established talent in receiving the Friday hashtag. The only criteria that counts is a particular tweet or blog post that we would like to share with the rest of our followers. If it is a tweet of theirs it is tweeted from our account on the Friday as a quote with the hashtag and their username. If it is a blog post then we include the link in our tweet along with the hashtag and username.

It is of course completely at the discretion of our followers if they wish to follow the one we choose with our follow recommendation hashtag. But at the very least, the words of that creative were acknowledged as being of importance to us.

Once a creative receives the hashtag, it does not mean they will never receive another one.

The choice is based entirely on what they tweet or blog about. If something else of theirs grabs our attention then they could very well receive another hashtag mention, or even several.

During some weeks of the year, our schedule may mean that we are unable to ascertain a suitable creative for the mention, and we will have to skip a week. But this only occurs a few weeks of the year. We will endeavour to promote one creative almost every week. It has always been important to us. Creative people matter to us. For the briefest of moments on a Friday, we like to remind them of this.

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