• Birth of a Book

    Birth of a Book

    The Techniques Used to Make a Hardback Book

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  • Sensory Fiction

    Sensory Fiction

    The Creation of a Wearable Book

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  • The Smart Bookmark

    The Smart Bookmark

    A Bookmark to Change Reading Habits

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  • Humanity


    Never Take Your Humanity for Granted

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  • Rejected


    The Oscar-Nominated Short Film

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  • Pixar


    Pixar's 22 Rules of Storytelling

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  • Writers & Artists Yearbook

    Writers & Artists Yearbook

    Why This Book Is an Institution

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  • A Modernist Lighthouse

    A Modernist Lighthouse

    The Importance of Virginia Woolf

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  • Challenges Ahead

    Challenges Ahead

    Never Be Afraid of the Challenges Ahead

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