• The Blinkered Writer

    The Blinkered Writer

    10 Traits of the Blinkered Writer

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  • An Online Presence

    An Online Presence

    Tips for Designing an Author Website

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  • Your Elusive Creative Genius

    Your Elusive Creative Genius

    A TED Talk by Author Elizabeth Gilbert

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  • The Mystery of Storytelling

    The Mystery of Storytelling

    A TEDx Talk by Literary Agent Julian Friedmann

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  • The Power of Introverts

    The Power of Introverts

    A TED Talk by Author Susan Cain

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  • Designing Books

    Designing Books

    A TED Talk by Book Cover Designer Chip Kidd

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  • The Clues to a Great Story

    The Clues to a Great Story

    A TED Talk by Pixar's Andrew Stanton

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  • Language Transforms Us

    Language Transforms Us

    A TED Talk by Biologist Mark Pagel

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  • Disappearing Prose

    Disappearing Prose

    A Book Written in Disappearing Ink

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