• Coping with Rejection

    Coping with Rejection

    10 Ways for Writers to Cope with Rejection

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  • How to Get a Literary Agent

    How to Get a Literary Agent

    Tips from Literary Agents During a Seminar

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  • Routine


    The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People

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  • The One Book That Shines

    The One Book That Shines

    5 Characteristics of a Great Book

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  • The Road to Nowhere

    The Road to Nowhere

    Avoid the Wrong Path to Publication

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  • Tribal Rejection

    Tribal Rejection

    How the Early Tribes Changed Us

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  • The Dark Rejection

    The Dark Rejection

    Why Some Never Recover From Its Impact

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  • The Benefits of Failure

    The Benefits of Failure

    J.K. Rowling Speech at Harvard University

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  • Write That

    Write That

    An Agent Gives Contradictory Advice

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