• Global Rejection

    Global Rejection

    The Countries Who Visit Our Website

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  • 30 Essential Literary Feeds

    30 Essential Literary Feeds

    Praise for Our Twitter Account

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  • The Twitter Carousel

    The Twitter Carousel

    The Reasons Why Twitter Has Become Essential

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  • #AskAgent


    Literary Agents Reveal Why They Participate

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  • Why Agents Deserve Respect

    Why Agents Deserve Respect

    4 Reasons for Respecting a Literary Agent

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  • Etiquette


    10 Etiquette Rules for Writers

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  • We Regret to Inform You

    We Regret to Inform You

    Deconstructing the Formulaic Phrase

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  • The Disappointed Book

    The Disappointed Book

    Why a Book's Journey Is All About Rejection

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  • The Provenance of Ambition

    The Provenance of Ambition

    Why a Library is a Fountain of Inspiration

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