A Website Created by James Hughes to Help Writers Persevere Through Rejection. Featuring Posts From Those Without a Publishing Deal, and Industry Professionals, the Site Will Offer a Platform for Every Voice to be Heard.

Upon publishing a blog post entitled Literary Rejections, I was inundated with e-mails of gratitude from writers across the globe, and from some of the authors who thanked me for including their stories of rejection.

The post was soon being linked to in hundreds of forums, and on countless websites. Consequently, it became one of the most read posts on literary rejections on the entire internet. An extensive version of the same post is now included on this site instead, with even more examples. Through this article it has been a huge honour to have helped fellow writers persevere with their publishing dream, and the creation of this website intends to build on that support.


James Hughes

A Brief Resume Of My Key Credits

I have sold three feature film screenplays, directed for television, stage and short film, and was hired to be a speaker for the Creative Screenwriting Expo in Los Angeles. This extensive resume secured my membership to The Writers Guild and The Directors Guild.

The initial blog posts were written based on the knowledge gleamed from having previously worked for a literary agency, and from the advice bestowed on me by the many agents and publishers I have met. 

James Hughes