Helping Creatives Persevere Through Rejection

The quest to be acknowledged and remembered consumes the life of the creative. Doors too often close in their face. Rejection dangles the temptation to quit before their eyes on a frequent basis.

Creatives are some of the most dedicated, hardworking, unrewarded individuals on the planet.

Their stories of rejection matter. They embody the relentless ambition of a dream. They remind all creative industries that talent is always knocking on the door. That no matter how many no’s they will never give up. It is not an option. Being creative is what makes them who they are. It defines them.

This site will give them a voice.

Through a series of blog posts, creatives from across all mediums and countries will be able to share their own personal experiences of rejection.


February 20th, 2011

Literary Rejections Article

Write and publish a blog post entitled Literary Rejections. The post is soon being linked to in hundreds of forums and on countless websites, becoming one of the most read articles on literary rejections on the entire internet.

November 1st, 2012

literaryrejections.com Goes Live

An extensive version of the same article becomes the focal point of a new website launched with an array of additional features.

October 1st, 2015

LitRejections.com is Launched

Due to the previous website not being a responsive one and an increasing number of people referring to us as LitRejections because of our social media accounts using that name, the time had come to brand ourselves with one unifying name.

After seven months of design to enhance the reading experience across all devices, our new responsive website is launched.


Creatives from Across All of the Mediums

This website wants to support and encourage creatives working in any medium, whether it be publishing, film, television, theatre, music, journalism, science, arts, or any other.

However, we hope that anyone who has experienced rejection in their life also finds the inspiration they need through LitRejections.

We constantly hear from many who work in a variety of careers that follow us on social media and regularly read the website. These include athletes, scientists, TV presenters, an actor from Game of Thrones, musicians, directors, producers, and many more.

To support this new audience, we are constantly developing new features for this website so that it can cater for all.

It is very much a goal of LitRejections that it becomes the resource everyone uses to find the inspiration to recover from rejection.

Creator & Editor 

James Hughes 

TheJamesHughesJames is a Writer and Director.

The blog posts here were written based on his knowledge gleamed from having previously worked for a talent agency, and from the advice bestowed on him by the many industry professionals he has met and worked with.