30 Essential Literary Feeds

Our twitter account has always been an integral part of our online support for creatives. So much so that it actually began tweeting three months before the website went live.

After the very first tweet the subsequent months were spent tweeting updates on the development and design of the site.

On the day the website launched, it was the twitter account that was used as the sole mechanism for making the announcement. The immediacy of the response saw a number of creatives and industry professionals following the account from day one.

Since those early days, a great deal of time has been devoted to tweeting essential information, ranging from the latest submission policies of agencies, which agents are open to queries, contests, articles, Ask Agent, and tips. Some days this can result in over thirty helpful tweets for creatives each day.

The result of which has seen us attract a steady stream of new followers looking for that exact information. Such is the word of mouth on this, that during some weeks we have received over two hundred new followers. Furthermore, we have never used twitter software to auto-follow those that discover our account, instead we have built our readership based on what we do.

We now have thousands of followers, including writers, agents, publishers, actors, presenters, scientists, journalists, musicians, and athletes. The gratitude they have expressed for our timeline, and the kind words they have tweeted in recommending the feed to all, has seen it gain recognition beyond twitter.

Brooklyn Magazine

One of those who has praised our account is Brooklyn Magazine, who hailed it in their article:

30 Essential Literary Feeds on Twitter

"A truly great resource for up and coming writers (they put out a constant stream of submission tips and opportunities), and also, with their cheery reminders that rejection is a pretty universal phenomenon, a major comfort to all of us."

We were extremely flattered by this compliment, especially in light of the prestigious company we joined on their list.


This recognition has inspired us further, to persevere in our unyielding support for creatives throughout the world.

It is a huge privilege for us to be able to help the rejected in any small way that we can, and if just one tweet can give them hope when all else seems lost, then our twitter account will have done its job.

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