113 Days

113 Days is an autobiographical tale of my struggles and life-changing experience of living with bipolar. It is a condition many have heard of, but few understand.

With each chapter, I offer complete transparency on what bipolarism does to one’s personal life.

My circle of support needed to express patience and kindness daily, to deal with my erratic mood swings. Yet that put an unfair pressure on them. To compound things, when there was no diagnosis to explain my behavior, their patience quickly ran out. Consequently, it led to a frequent misunderstanding of my personality in society. This manifested itself in angry offspring, failed relationships with childhood sweethearts, and most notably of all an incomprehensible arrest that led to 113 days in the Los Angeles County Jail.

The arrest and legality of my situation is not only explored through the court hearings, I lift the lid on the underground city at the Los Angeles County Jail. This is a side of Jail life that readers do not get to see in movies. In the movies when a convict is called to court, the Editor cuts from the Jail cell to the courtroom. There is a reason for this – they do not want you to see what one has to go through in the interim. It is an ordeal that stays with you forever.

In the midst of these days inside I met some of the most extraordinary cellmates, and tried to reconcile with my daughter through letters and visits. Jail is where I learnt to better myself and become the Father I wish I had always been.

One would think my background as the CEO of a multi-million dollar business would of stood me in good stead for the sharks inside. But life inside Los Angeles Country Jail is like nothing one could ever envisage.

I share my scars in this book to help those who have yet to be diagnosed. To help families recognize the signs better. I endured 113 days and wrote this book, to compel society to show more compassion for our condition.

Bradley Good

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